How I became a WordPress lover?

Picturize this: A mother of two kids on a sabbatical from work but wanting to get back into the Corporate world… She loves her workplace and collegues and loves to share ideas and gets a kick from intellectual achievement. Someone gives her an idea to start up on a blogging site to speak to mothers around the world in similar shoes to share ideas and experiences to get back to work and balance life. But with no background on building sites, this seemed like a daunting task. WordPress comes to the rescue and in exactly three days time she launches her first WordPress blog. It looked something like this. website looked something like this That someone was me! This story is not unique. There are millions of bloggers and small businesses who have sprung online without spending much money and effort and are now running successful online ventures. Thanks to WordPress – the most preferred CMS for building websites. Worldwide WordPress is considered as one of the most popular platforms for developing a website. This is mainly due to the fact that WordPress doesn't have a steep learning curve. Also there are a number of resources already available that can come to the website developers' aid.  You name it and it is there. Ranging from Pricing tables to free themes and plugins – you get them all. Here is a set of some great WordPress free resources that you can lay your hands on:

How WP Helps You Build An App

For the folks, who are having a WordPress site can expand their reach to mobile users by developing an appropriate mobile application in a quick and efficient fashion.

When you own a WP site, designing an application is just a matter of few minutes. Wondering how? Use your WordPress site and create a requisite mobile application and target massive mobile user base. It might seem to be impossible, when considered at a glance but luckily, it's possible.

WordPress was initially designed as a blogging tool which then beautifully blossomed into a popular open-source CMS (content management system). Since its emergence, it has been dramatically enhanced and today, it has evolved as a proficient app development tool as well.

5 Tips to Tuck In When Using WordPress Shortcodes

An uninhibited control over your website's feature-set is an attribute every webmaster fancies. What's the point of “owning” a website when you can't dictate the way it appears and functi~ns. While Wordpress does bequeath you with exceptionally good default features, but every webmaster has his/her own set of preferred features which may be radically different than the mainstream features WP has to offer.

Install and Configure Contact Form 7 WordPress Plug-in: A Detailed Guide

One of the best features of WordPress is its plug-in architecture, which allows developers and users to do things they could never imagine.

WordPress plug-ins, which are composed of PHP scripts, offer new additions to your site which either add unavailable new features, or enhance otherwise existing features. From search engine optimization to content displaying features like navigation bars and widgets, you can do almost anything with your WordPress site.

The Official WordPress Plug-ins Repository currently has over 31,000 plug-ins, each of which has their own custom functions and features enabling users to extend the functionality of WordPress beyond the core installation. Succinctly, using Plug-ins, you can tailor your WordPress site/blog to your specific requirements.

Due to the immense popularity of WordPress plug-ins, I’ve come up with a tutorial through which you’ll learn:

  • How to install a WordPress plug-in?
  • How to use and configure Contact Form 7 WordPress plug-in?
  • How to insert CAPTCHA into Contact Form 7?

Let’s get started with installing a WordPress plug-in!

How to install a WordPress Plug-in?

Whether you're a WordPress beginner or expert, installing a WordPress plug-in is quite easy. There are three ways of installing a plug-in in WordPress:

  • Automatically, using WordPress admin panel search option.
  • Manually, using upload method in WordPress admin panel.
  • Manually, via FTP Manager.

Let me describe them one by one!

Top 5 Must-Have WordPress Security Plugins

Top 5 Must-Have WordPress Security Plugins

Security is extremely important when blogging on WordPress. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of plugins designed to keep your blog safe.

WordPress’s selection of plugins is just one of the many things that make it a fantastic tool – and the most widely-used blogging platform in the world.

Unfortunately, that diversity comes with a price: it can be near-paralyzing to figure out which plugins you should install for your blog. Knowing what types of plugins you’ll need is a good start.

Last time, we looked at addons related to comments, post creation, form creation, analytics, and SEO. Today, we’re revisiting the topic, adding a few more items to the list.

These plugins – all excellent in their own way – share one thing in common: they’re all tools that no WordPress blog should ever be without.