The Workflow:

  • Quick Launch > Create a blog layout
  • Check / uncheck PSD template’s elements
  • Create a wireframe PSD template

Final Product: Wireframe PSD Template

You can change graphics in the wireframe template at any time

Final Product

Difficulty: Beginner

Apps Used: Adobe Photoshop

Apps Used: Divine Elemente

( Move cursor on the image to see the process )

Assign elements Assign elements

Step 1. Launch Elemente > Create a Blog Layout

Go to Photoshop’s top menu and select Elemente > Quick launch menu item.

Quick launch

Click on Create a blog layout button.

Create a blog layout

Step 2. Set the Page Layout

Set position of the Sidebar (left or right):
Click right mouse button on the sidebar or post areas > Swap > Sidebar -> Post.

Set Position of the Sidebar

Set width and height of the template and layout grid blocks:

1. By indicating the parameters manually in the right panel

Set Width of the Template

2. By dragging the borders of the layout grid blocks

Set Width of the Template

Step 3. Select WordPress Theme Elements

Select the items you want to include in the PSD template

Select the items

Step 4. Create WordPress PSD Template

Click on Create PSD button

Create PSD Button

Click Yes button to open the created PSD template.

Create PSD Button

By following steps above you will create the draft well layered PSD template.

Final Product

In the next tutorial of this series you will know how to design the elements using our best practices.

Everything is OK? If not – tell us in the comments

Divine Elemente PSD to WordPress

Convert graphics from Adobe Photoshop to a working WordPress theme. No coding.

  • Sahil Patel
    Wow !! Wordpress theme created very easily to select options correctely and do it very attractive wordpress theme.
  • Manoel Paulo
    Hello, I use Photoshop CS6 on Windows7 and I am not able to use Divine Elemente. The menu ELEMENTE not appear in my photoshop. What should I do?
  • Divine Elemente
    It looks like you’re trying to launch plugin at 64 bit version of Photoshop. Currently we are updating the core of Divine Elemente to launch it on 64 bit systems. It is not a simple process, and it will take some time. For now you may install additional PS 32 bit (with the same license as 64 bit) and use it right now. Any updates for the current clients are free.
    The themes you have all seem to follow the same convention of side bar and content. Would it be possible to create a landing page theme with this? So a full page design with a logo, form etc…?
  • Bren
    Hi, when I create the PSD, the template always comes out like in the attached screenshot. There is no text. How can I fix this? Is it something to do with CS6? Regards