Want to create a modern unique design for a website applying not only safe web fonts? You will do it with no problems, using custom fonts with Divine Elemente. Plus, addition of custom fonts on website in several simple steps.

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Custom fonts are new attractive fonts, which are not included in the list of safe web fonts at the moment. However, they were added to a page layout by Divine Elemente using the latest achievements in CSS.

Use of custom fonts on website

Use of custom fonts on website

Nowadays, almost all modern browsers (Firefox 3.5+, Chrome 3.0+, Safari 3.1+, Opera 10+, IE 5+) work with custom fonts embedded in a website by CSS.

Custom fonts usage is a step towards new possibilities for a web developer. It is a way to speedy, convenient and various websites. With optional fonts, you’ll be able to improve your website’s design and make it really unique.


– Use of CSS only
There is no necessity to use images, Java scripts or flash objects, which slow down website’s loading speed.

– Ideal for SEO
A text remains as a text, in other words, it can be highlighted, change color, become bold or underlined, etc.

– Website loading speed
depends on the size of a loading font (additional 30-75 kB).

– Restriction on use
Each font has its own license.

Info: Because of long duration and high cost of one font development process, developers take tender care of their own custom fonts using in the Internet, as at page browsing a font is loading locally on the computer and becomes public.

Custom fonts use in Divine Elemente

To add custom fonts on the website with the help of Divine Elemente plugin, it’s necessary to follow several simple steps.
The process of new font’s addition to a template

The process of new font’s addition to a template

Step 1. Download and install a desired font.
You can use our Fonts portal to purchase or download new custom fonts.

Step 2. Specify a font of a text layer in a PSD template.
You are to open a PSD template in Adobe Photoshop, select a text layer there and apply the installed custom font to it, as it is not included in the list of safe web fonts.

Step 3. Launch Divine Elemente and publish a theme.
At publishing of custom fonts, Divine Elemente plugin will display an appropriate message in the log.

After the publishing, the font will be copied in a separate file (or files) and applied to a generated theme / web page.

Note: In case a selected font was not installed in a system for any reason, a font from the “Safe web fonts“ list would be used by default.


Thus, you have just learned what custom fonts are, advantages and disadvantages of custom fonts on website use and easy steps of such kind fonts’ addition. So, now you can decide yourself: use or not to use.

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