Picturize this: A mother of two kids on a sabbatical from work but wanting to get back into the Corporate world… She loves her workplace and collegues and loves to share ideas and gets a kick from intellectual achievement. Someone gives her an idea to start up on a blogging site to speak to mothers around the world in similar shoes to share ideas and experiences to get back to work and balance life. But with no background on building sites, this seemed like a daunting task. WordPress comes to the rescue and in exactly three days time she launches her first WordPress blog. It looked something like this. website looked something like this That someone was me! This story is not unique. There are millions of bloggers and small businesses who have sprung online without spending much money and effort and are now running successful online ventures. Thanks to WordPress – the most preferred CMS for building websites. Worldwide WordPress is considered as one of the most popular platforms for developing a website. This is mainly due to the fact that WordPress doesn’t have a steep learning curve. Also there are a number of resources already available that can come to the website developers’ aid.  You name it and it is there. Ranging from Pricing tables to free themes and plugins – you get them all. Here is a set of some great WordPress free resources that you can lay your hands on:

1. WordPress Essentials for Business

WordPress Essentials for Business


Are you a WordPress newbie like me and would like to get a handle on WordPress. Then this course is a good start point. This course encompasses all the essential steps and processes required to build a WordPress website from scratch that caters to a company, which emphasizes on leads and sales. This tutorial consists of over 33 lectures and provides about 1.5 hours of content which can prove to be extremely helpful for budding website developers. The tutorial in spite of providing a thorough and blow by blow description of the procedure while creating a website, is really easy to grasp and implement.

2. Portfolio WordPress Theme

Portfolio WordPress Theme


WordPress themes make your life easy. Rather than hiring a designer and starting from scratch, themes give you a headstart in your project. This theme is a very useful one for designers, artists and photographers who are developing their website to showcase their portfolio and sample work. This WordPress theme pack provides a unique sliding functionality to the homepage and also provides unlimited portfolio galleries, which can be browsed through, simply by the scroll of the mouse wheel. The theme inculcates minimalistic design and is compatible on all major web browsers. Not only this, the user can simply drag and drop to update their gallery and contact details from the theme option page.

3. Full Side WordPress Theme

Full Side WordPress Theme


The full side WordPress theme is most useful while styling a corporate website, a gallery or portfolio. This theme is extremely versatile and can be applied to featured posts, static featured area and widget areas. It also incorporates a number of  breadcrumb options. And to add up to it’s usefulness, this theme can be used for personal as well as commercial projects and can be availed for free.

4. Zencart template with WordPress theme

Zencart template with WordPress theme


E-retailing is currently taking the world wide web by storm and this has created a huge demand for  creation of product managing websites and e-stores. The Zencart template provides the complete functionality and look and feel of a e-commerce website. Also the WordPress theme, makes it completely responsive and compatible with all major web browsers. The theme is shaped using HTML5 & CSS3 and comes with a sky blue color and contains some amazing font icons. It even has social media support which helps to share the website content on various social media platforms.

5. WordPress legal pages

WordPress legal pages


Did you know, over 87% of the websites do not have proper legal pages? Don’t make that same mistake. Without Legal Pages, Google won’t let you advertise, ClickBank will not let you list your products  and visitors’ trust in your site will go down. Privacy policy is extremely important for every website. It creates transparency and instills trust between the website owner and users. But creating one from scratch can be extremely tiring process, and also might require professional help, which doesn’t come cheap. So web developers can resort to the WordPress privacy policy generator. By simply installing the plugin and by filling the details in the settings fields, a developer can create a privacy policy in no time, and can be used in all client sites.

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