Want to upload a new theme to make your website more professional and eliminate the monotony of your website? Answer is here. Follow our tutorial and attract your audience by publishing a new website.

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Step 1. Prepare a Theme

To upload a theme to the Internet, firstly, you need to find one that suits your style and idea of the website. So, select an appropriate PSD template in our Marketplace and download it.



Then, Divine Elemente plugin will help you to create your own unique theme. To do that:

  • change logo, styles, images, etc.,
  • save your new PSD template,
  • and convert it into a ready theme.

Also we recommend to learn how to create WordPress themes or how to make website in WordPress with Divine Elemente.

After you created the theme you want to apply for your website, publishing parameters are to be set.

Step 2. Set Publishing Parameters

The next step is publishing parameters adjustment.

Adjust Account settings in Divine Elemente. Enter the following FTP settings in the settings menu (Settings > Accounts):

Divine Elemente 0.9 settings. ‘Accounts’ tab.

Divine Elemente 0.9 settings: ‘Accounts’ tab.

  • (A) server address and a port if required,
  • (B) path on server for the theme uploading,
  • (C) and authorization data on server.

More details can be found in the “Publish Editor” guide.

Correctly set publishing parameters will help you to upload a theme to the dedicated server with no problems.

Step 3. Upload the WordPress Theme to the Server

Now you can start uploading. Press “Publish” button to upload your new WordPress theme.

Theme publishing

Theme publishing

To ‘Publish via FTP account’:

  • select “Upload to <Account>” (A)(B);
  • and click the ‘Publish’ button.

More details can be found in the “Publish Editor” guide.

That’s it! Now you can activate your theme and see how it looks.

Activation of the theme in the WordPress CMS

Activation of the theme in the WordPress CMS


Following our tutorial, you should have no problem uploading any number of new WordPress themes created with the Divine Elemente plugin.

Instead of spending excessive time searching for the perfect theme on the internet, create your own unique designs easy and fast with Divine Elemente.

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  • http://www.circuitsdiy.com Arup Basak
    How to publish my created wordpress theme in WordPress.org theme directory.
  • Kirill
    You can prepare theme with Divine Elemente (“Save to folder” option). If you are registered on wordpress.org , you can upload the archive with the them through the link: http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/upload/
  • killerzone
    Hi everybody… I just wana know when I’ve convert my theme into wordpress through divine then how can i submit it to the client…. basically the client won’t have divine to upload it through to the internet. But actually without the client uses divine, how he would be uploading the wordpress website with its animation and other stuffs…. THANK U…