This tutorial demonstrates how to submit a website to the Divine Elemente Showcase of websites and share your talents with the huge community of Divine Elemente users.

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Divine Elemente 0.9 not only offers its users an opportunity to create and share unique designs for their WordPress CMS websites on the marketplace, but it also allows you to share websites with many thousands of the Divine Elemente community’s users at the Showcase section.

So don’t miss out on an opportunity to show off your website and brag about your working skills in Adobe Photoshop and Divine Elemente 0.9.

Before you submit your work to the Showcase of websites, please review Divine Elemente’s submission rules at

Also remember that all submitted works to our website should pass a compulsory moderation beforehand (checking that all data is in compliance with the submission rules).

Step-by-step website submission process to Showcase

If your work meets all of your submission rules, and you’d like to share your website with participants of the Divine Elemente community, you are to follow just several simple steps:

Step 1. Move to the website submission page by pressing the “Submit a site” button on the showcase page.

Showcase section. Submission page

Showcase section: Submission page

To do that you are to press the “Submit a site” button on the Showcase page.

Step 2. Fill in all required fields of the form.

Showcase section. Website submission form’s filling in

Showcase section: Website submission form’s filling in

  • Enter your website’s name.
  • Indicate URL of the website.
  • Attach a screenshot of the website.
  • Describe a subject matter of your work in brief, and why you wish to share your website with others at the Showcase section.
  • Indicate the required tags for your work, which can be used to search for it at the website Showcase.

Step 3. Re-check all data and upload your work.

After all fields are filled in, “Captain Obvious” requires pressing the ‘Submit’ button :-).

Step 4. Website moderation

Showcase section. Moderation

Showcase section: Moderation.

After you upload the website, it is placed in the queue for moderation (checking the website on compliance with the submission rules). Then, your work will be published at the Showcase of websites section of Divine Elemente 0.9 or declined by a moderator (if it does not pass moderation).


Thus, you have just learned how to submit a website to the Showcase section of the Divine Elemente official website, paying attention to all required steps you are to pass before your work can be published. So now, you can easily share your cool website created on your own with the people really concerned.

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