Article 1. Scope of Application and Amendments to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale:

You should carefully read the following Terms and Conditions. Your purchase or use of our products implies that you have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions.

They apply to all orders received via the Internet site / reserves the right to adapt or amend these General Terms and Conditions of Sale at any time. If these Terms and Conditions are amended, each order shall be governed by the General Terms and Conditions of Sale in effect on the date of the order.

Article 2. Availability of Products:

– Our product offers and prices are valid as long as they are displayed on the website, within the limits of available inventories.

- Buy items:

The official release date is displayed on the official site.

You can place an advance order for Divine Elemente in the form of a buy.

You can rest assured that we will supply your product as soon as it is released.

And at the moment you can use an unstable version of the product you ordered. Unstable version is released for collecting opinions and debugging the application only. doesn’t warranty the perfect availability of such application. As it’s a beta version, frequent program crashes are possible. Some functions could be limited little as they are in their development stage now. DON’T PURCHASE Divine Elemente unstable version if you don’t like to use the version with possible inconveniences.

Please note that Divine Elemente may change the official release date at any time.

Article 3. Confirmation of Orders and Electronic Signature

The order form “signed” with a click by the customer constitutes an irrevocable agreement to purchase, which may be retracted only under the conditions stipulated in these General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

The double-click that is part of the order authentication and confirmation procedure also protects the integrity of your communications with us and constitutes an electronic signature. This electronic signature has the same value as a handwritten signature in the relationship between the parties.

Article 4: Price

Divine project reserves the right to revise its prices at any time, but promises to charge you the prices that are indicated to you when you place your order, subject to availability on the date you place your order.

Article 5: Payment Procedures and Secure Payments:

- Payment Procedures: You can make payment using the method described below:

- Credit card: Сredit card payment is made on our service-provider totally secure site. Your banking information is encrypted and will not be stored on Divine project servers. Payment by bank card is therefore totally secure. Your order will be recorded and confirmed as soon as your payment is accepted.

For your added protection and to guard against any potential fraud, may ask you to send a copy of your identification card and/or a statement of bank account information (IBAN) by e-mail, fax or mail.

You can pay on line with full confidence by entering the number and expiration date of your credit card in the fields provided for the purpose.

- Security:
Your credit card information is encrypted using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol and is never transmitted over the network in clear text. Payment is made directly to a bank. In no case does have access to this information, nor does store the information on its servers. That is why you will be asked to re-enter this information every time you place an order on our site.

- Non-payment: reserves the right to refuse to supply or to honor an order issued by a customer who has not paid in full for a previous order or with whom a payment dispute is outstanding.

- Fraud-prevention Measures:

To protect you and to prevent potential fraud, may ask you to send a copy of your identification card and/or Statement of Bank Account Information (IBAN) by e-mail, fax or mail.

In the context of these procedures, our company may also ask you for all documents necessary to approve your order: proof of residence, bank statements etc.

Article 6: Refund policy

Since is offering non-tangible irrevocable goods we do not issue refunds, discounts once the order is accomplished and the product is supplied. As a customer you are responsible for understanding this upon purchasing any item at our site.

However, we realize that exceptional circumstance can take place with regard to the character of the product we supply.

However, we DO NOT honor requests for the refund or any type of discounts for buy products on the following reasons:

- non-supply of the product: due to some mailing issues of your e-mail provider or your own mail server you might not receive a delivery e-mail from us. In this case we recommend contacting us for assistance. Claims for non-supply must be submitted to our Support service in written form within 7 days from the order placing date. Otherwise, the product will be considered received and downloaded;

- download issue: it may happen so that you are having problems while downloading the product. Claims regarding such issues must be submitted to our Technical Support Service. If you do not contact us during this period, you agree that we may construe silence as a successful download of the product with no further right of redress or refund for a “download issue” reason. Failure to receive assistance for downloading 3 days may result in a refund or a discount decline;

- major defects: although all the products will be tested before official release, unexpected errors may occur after such tests. These issues with Divine Elemente official version must be submitted for our Technical Support Service’s approval. We keep the right to rectify the error or defect within 14 days. If any deficiency is approved and we fail to correct it within 14 days from the date of the initial complaint letter or any other notification provided by a Customer, the refund will be issued to the customer in full without any compensations or reimbursements. OR, at customer’s choice, replacement of the product of the same or around the same value can be offered. THIS POINT DOES NOT APPLY TO DIVINE ELEMENTE UNSTABLE VERSION;

- product not-as-described: such issues should be reported to our Technical Support Service within 7 days from the date of the purchase. Clear evidence must be provided proving that the purchased product is not as it is described on the website. Complaints which are based merely on the customer’s false expectations or wishes are not honored. Free versions are available for evaluation purpose at our website.

Please note that we do not bear any responsibility and therefore we do not satisfy any refund/return/exchange requests based on incompatibility of our products with some third-party software (plug-ins, add-ons, modules, search engines, scripts, extensions etc) other than those which are specified as compatible in a description available at our website.

Our Technical Support Service is always eager to assist you and deliver highly professional support in a timely manner.

Article 7: Digital Download Products

7.1. Order processing

After having acknowledged receipt, Divine project will process your order as soon as your payment is accepted and will send your license file for Divine Elemente to your email.

7.2. Withdrawal

The operation of downloading Divine Elemente to your computer using the license file sent to you constitutes both the start of performance and the act of unsealing a product.
Consequently, no right of withdrawal may be exercised for these products. The download data relating to the license file for the version posted on the Divine project’s server shall apply.

Article 8: Liability

- cannot be held liable for breach of contract in cases of force majeure, acts of God, labor unrest or total or partial strikes, specifically of the postal services and carrier and/or communications services, flood or fire. With regard to products that are purchased for business use, cannot be held liable for any indirect damages, including damages for disruption of operations, lost profit, injury or expenses that may result from this transaction.

- The customer is solely and exclusively liable for the selection and purchase of software. Any inability on the part of a customer to use some or all of the software on account of hardware incompatibility shall not be grounds for damages, refund or any liability on the part of

Article 9: Warranties and Support Service:

Products purchased from the website on-line come with a 90 to 180-day warranty.

NOTE: The exception to this warranty is any unstable version.

If a product sold by proves defective within the initial warranty period, it will be improved by Divine Elemente Support Service free of charge within the year from the purchase date.

Article 10: Data Protection:

You have the right to “consult, change, correct and delete your personal information” at any time.

You can contact our Support Service