For the folks, who are having a WordPress site can expand their reach to mobile users by developing an appropriate mobile application in a quick and efficient fashion.

When you own a WP site, designing an application is just a matter of few minutes. Wondering how? Use your WordPress site and create a requisite mobile application and target massive mobile user base. It might seem to be impossible, when considered at a glance but luckily, it’s possible.

WordPress was initially designed as a blogging tool which then beautifully blossomed into a popular open-source CMS (content management system). Since its emergence, it has been dramatically enhanced and today, it has evolved as a proficient app development tool as well.

Whether you are interested in developing a web app or mobile app, you can easily accomplish your task by implementing the WordPress plugins and its other services. It offers cost-efficient solutions without compromising on the quality attribute of an app. With these advanced tools, there is no need to start the development from the scratch.

While creating a mobile application using WordPress, the storing and retrieving data could be dealt with ease. Not only data management but, the UI of the can also be easily customized. The blissful WP development offers a list plugins that allow one to develop mobile apps without getting their hands dirty in coding.

Here are some of the most efficient WP tools that facilitate mobile app development.


This remarkable plugin facilitates free HTML5 web app offer. You can conveniently create a mobile with this plugin. Simply install it in your WP site and make the appropriate tweaks for developing a suitable mobile app. It features a status bar that reflects the app development process. The app development time could vary from a site to another, as it is directly proportional to the site size; therefore, a complex and bulky site would consume more minutes.

It actually helps develop an HTML 5 app and for an iOS or Android application, you will need to use the pro version of this plugin. It offers numerous configuration options including metadata for the post listings and splash screen. It facilitates push notification, analytics, sharing options and a lot more that adds to its credibility.

You can customize your app icon and even brand your application with a desirable name. It offers a real and instant preview to reflect the chosen configuration settings. Moreover, the applications created with Wiziapp will be compatible with BuddyPress and WooCommerce. This plugin is ideal for a content website.


  • You can create an app and push notifications to your readers regarding the new content posts.
  • It even facilitates one to directly publish the developed application in an appropriate store, like, Android apps in the Google Play store and iOS apps in the Apple App store.
  • Epitomizes your galleries and images in a native mobile app style.
  • In fact, you can monetize your native apps by implementing Admob ads and Adsense ads.
  • Facilitates customizable application’s header and colors.
  • You can choose a desirable language for your application as it supports multiple languages.
  • The Adaptive mobile themes are ideal to target multiple devices. With adaptive themes, website host server detects the device type and delivers beautiful theme with a responsive technique. Thus, it helps target different screen sizes with high end visual appearance.


This competitive plugin allows one to develop an iOS, Android and Windows Phone application from their WP site in just five minutes. It is a great value for money. It offers a simple and quick app development process, however, you will need to to download an additional plugin that will facilitate you JSON API; with JSON API, you will be able to access the content with ease,

It completes the application development process in just three simple steps. Moreover, you can customize your app in a desirable fashion with personalized design, styles and content of your application.


  • Offline browsing is one of the most amazing feature of IdeaPress. Users can read the site content even if there is no Internet connection. IdeaPress basically stores the site content and users can read it as and when desired.
  • You can reap the benefits of native mobile devices by creating a mobile app via this plugin, as it integrates the native device features and allows users to share pages or posts and search content on the site. What’s more: you can even bookmark articles and review them later.
  • IdeaPress apps can be updated via the dashboard of your WP site and the app updates will be pushed automatically across the users, thus there will be no need to re-publishing the app. And hence, your users will get the modifications instantly.
  • Develops and run an app within 5 minutes.


This is one of the most popular plugin that offers native mobile app development framework. Create an app from your WP site and integrate the native mobile device features like contacts, camera, etc. by implementing the well known WP themes and plugins.

This app development tool allows one to integrate Phonegap with WP and thus, developers can create native mobile applications by using JavaScript. It ensures easy settings that can make application development a breeze.

If you want to enhance your user base and reach out massive mobile audiences, creating a mobile application from a WordPress site would be a great step. Reap the benefits of WP development and develop a desirable app to promote your site by using the above mentioned proficient tools.

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