Can you make a forum with WordPress?

Can you make a forum with WordPress? Luckily, WordPress makes it easy to add a forum to your website. As you might have guessed, the solution comes in the form of a plugin called bbPress. It’s one of the most popular forum plugins because it’s developed by the same team behind WordPress and integrates with your website seamlessly.

Which plugin is used to create forums? 

13 of the Best WordPress Forum Plugins
Plugin Name Pricing
Discussion Board Free / Starts at $49 per year
DW Question and Answer Free / Starts at $39
ForumEngine Starts at $49 per year
WP Foro Forum Free / Extensions from $11

How do you add a discussion on WordPress? 

From your dashboard
  1. Go to Plugins > Add New.
  2. Search for ‘Discussion Board’
  3. Activate Discussion Board form the Plugins page.
  4. Go to Discussion Board > Settings to update any settings.

What is bbPress vs BuddyPress? bbPress is a plugin to create forums, while BuddyPress is a plugin used to create a intimate social network. Both plugins provide communication platforms, using which people or groups can freely exchange ideas, discuss topics, ask questions, and so on.

Can you make a forum with WordPress? – Additional Questions

How do I create a forum on BuddyPress?

What can you do with bbPress?

bbPress is a plugin for WordPress that adds forum capability to your site. bbPress inherits your currently active theme’s styles where it can to try and match your themes style. This can work really well on some themes, but sometimes doesn’t work well on others, so some styling may be needed.

What is WordPress BuddyPress?

BuddyPress is an open-source social networking software package owned by Automattic since 2008. It is a plugin that can be installed on WordPress to transform it into a social network platform.

Does BuddyPress work with any theme?

BuddyPress helps you build any kind of community website with member profiles, activity streams, user groups, messaging, and more. In addition to installing this plugin, you can install a WordPress theme that’s compatible with or built especially to integrate with the BuddyPress plugin.

Does Astra work with BuddyPress?

The best part about the Astra theme is its compatibility with drag and drop page builders like Elementor Pro and Beaver Builder. The theme also supports third-party WordPress plugins straight out of the box, including BuddyPress to create an online community easily.

Is Divi compatible with BuddyPress?

Out of the box, Divi is compatible with BuddyPress, except when it comes to the Theme Builder.

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